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Wiliam Levin

One of the firm’s co-founder, nationally recognized attorney William E. Levin, provides legal services exclusively in the areas of  trademark, copyright,  trade dress, false advertising, unfair competition, trade secrets, and related intellectual property law and litigation matters.  Mr. Levin is the author of a  comprehensive trade dress treatise, Trade Dress Protection (2d edition), making him one of  the leading  authorities in the field of trade mark and trade dress law.

Levin & Dicterow serves the needs of multinational corporations and individual inventors, designers and entrepreneurs alike. The firm is capable of handling complex litigation matters, while its small size makes it eminently user-friendly, flexible, and able to move quickly. We work with large and small companies, and act as co-counsel, trial counsel, consultants, or expert witnesses, to other law firms and their clients. We rarely have any conflicts that prevent us from acting on your behalf. We have obtained one of the largest jury verdicts in trademark cases in the world, $143 million (later set aside), and have settled trademark cases for millions of dollars.  Our firm is creative, strategic, aggressive, and hard-hitting when it counts, and we are used to large stakes litigation.

Levin & Dicterow has represented clients in litigation, and non-litigation matters, in a wide range of industries including: apparel, architecture, automotive, banking, biotechnology, communications, education, jewelry design, furniture, food and beverage, healthcare , hotel, manufacturing, medical devices, security, software and sporting goods. The law firm is also adept in arbitration, mediation, and other methods of dispute resolution.

At Levin & Dicterow, we understand the critical importance and value of protecting innovative ideas. We should…after all, we wrote the book on Intellectual Property Law.

Levin & Dicterow and/or Mr. Levin’s clients at previous law firms have included: American Airlines, American Express, Bank of America, the British government,  the Coca-Cola Co., Dial Soap, Fila, Foster Farms, Gibraltar Savings & Loan Assoc., Hansen’s Beverage Co., Hard Rock Café, Izod, Kaiser-Permanente, Laura Ashley, McKesson Corp., the San Francisco Chronicle, See’s Candies, Sony, Sonoma Mission Inn, The Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters, Safeway Stores, See’s Candies, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Thompson-Brandt, Unilever,  Wells Fargo Bank, Winterland Productions, and Wrangler Jeans, among others.

Steve Dicterow

Mayor Steve Dicterow is a business and community leader running for City Council and Mayor of Laguna Beach at the conclusion of his 4th tern of Mayor. His goals include to improve public safety, impose fiscal discipline, invest in infrastructure, grow local business, and expand arts and youth programs. Steve is a well-known and trusted member of the Laguna community.


A former four-term mayor of Laguna Beach, Steve is an attorney with 35 years of experience in private practice. He is the former COO of International Racers, Inc., manager of world championship motorcycle racers, and has been deeply involved in Laguna Beach and Orange County civic, legal, and arts organizations, including the Festival of Arts, Orange County Bar Association, North Laguna Community Association, Laguna Beach Neighborhood Watch, the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, to name a few, and has affiliations with many other non-profit organizations.


His 15-years of experience on the Laguna Beach City Council and his private sector experience in business development, legal services, financial management, and strategic planning and operations, make him an effective voice for taxpayers. His experience will ensure that the City supports local business, delivers core city services, and improves the quality of life in Laguna Beach. Simply put, Steve gets things done, is charismatic, and is bellowed by many of our community’s leaders and citizens.


Steve served on the City Council from 1994-2006 and was instrumental in a 50% reduction in crime, adding five new police officers, and advocating for full-time foot patrol of beach and downtown areas. He settled a $20 million legal judgement against the City, reducing this liability down to zero. His efforts in opposition to a County takeover of the Fire Department ensured that Laguna Beach has reliable community-based First Responders.


Steve also helped establish the City's Art Coordinator position, and created the Environmental Committee and Vision Laguna. Steve and his wife, Catrina, have been married 27 years, and are the proud parents of their daughter Taryn Dicterow. Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from State University of New York (Albany), and is a graduate of the University of Southern California's distinguished Gould School of Law.

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